Send Photos/Videos to PhotoSpring Using Apple Photos or Aperture

This document will help guide you through the process of sending photos stored in Mac Photos/Aperture to the photo spring frame.

If you have a Mac but don't use Mac Photos or Aperture then this guide is not for you. Please try one of the following guides: 

    1. How to manually send photos and videos from folders to your frame using a web interface
    2. How to install the PhotoSpring App to automatically push photos to your frame.


First Download and Install PhotoSpring for Mac

  • You should have an active PhotoSpring account. You will need your login and password.
  • You should have the PhotoSpring App for Mac installed on your Mac. IMPORTANT: If you don't have PhotoSpring for Mac installed, follow the installation instructions in this link until you see the note below. Then come back to this guide.



NOTE: For most people, the following steps are the recommended way to send photos from your Mac to the frame. The steps outlined below will upload photos you choose from you Mac Photos library to your frame. 



How to send photos/videos from Mac Photos to PhotoSpring

After you have installed the PhotoSpring App for Mac, open the Mac Photos from the bottom Tray or from your Applications folder. It's icon looks like this: Screen_Shot_2017-06-15_at_10.24.34_AM.png

In Mac Photos,

Select the photos or videos you want to upload to your frame.

You may select up to 100 photos or videos at a time.

Warning: Selecting too many videos at once may cause your system to hang while videos are uploaded. Start with just a few videos.

Once you have selected the photos/videos you want to send to the frame right click on the selected items and a dialogue box should pop up. Screen_Shot_2017-08-14_at_1.44.34_PM.png
Click on Share and another dialogue will appear. If you see PhotoSpring in the list of applications then skip to Step 5. Otherwise continue to Step 4 to allow your photos to be shared to PhotoSpring. Screen_Shot_2017-08-14_at_1.48.41_PM.png

Add PhotoSpring to the list of applications that you allow to share photos:

Click on Screen_Shot_2017-08-14_at_1.29.43_PM.png

This will open up the Extensions Menu.  We need to enable PhotoSpring to share photos from Apple Photos. Scroll down the list on the right side until you see PhotoSpring (see below). Check the box next to PhotoSpring. 

Optional: Click and Drag the PhotoSpring icon to the top of the list.




Close the Extensions Menu and try sharing again.

The PhotoSpring icon should now be on the list of applications that can share photos. 

Click on the PhotoSpring icon Screen_Shot_2017-08-14_at_1.29.36_PM.png

A new window will open up titled Send to a Frame. Select a Frame you would like to send photos/videos to and click Send.

Note: you must be an owner of the frame to send photos to the frame in this way.


You can now add a title for the items you are sending, or Skip adding a title.Screen_Shot_2017-08-14_at_1.59.51_PM.png

Important: Wait for the items to be sent before closing the the dialogue box.

Note, this process works for Aperture and any other photo application on Mac that supports photo sharing extensions.


After opening Mac Photos, I've selected three photos. I right clicked on the photos to open up the dialog box and selected Share:


You should see a PhotoSpring logo icon in this list as you see below. Click on PhotoSpring. (if you don't see PhotoSpring then scroll up to Step 4 above labelled Add PhotoSpring to the list of applications that you allow to share photos). From there, PhotoSpring will take over and take you through the processing of uploading the photos you selected to your frame. For some users migrating from v1.2, you may see a "Please Login First" error. Go to the section labeled If you get a Login Error to fix this.





If you get a Login Error

Some users who have already installed PhotoSpring for Mac may encounter an error trying to share photos. The error looks like this:


To fix this error do the following:

Check the system tray at the top of your computer to see if the PhotoSpring app is active. You should see an icon like this:


If you don't see the PhotoSpring icon, then you need to open the PhotoSpring app first. Open a Finder window and navigate to Applications. Find and double click the PhotoSpring app. This will open up PhotoSpring and place it in the System Tray.

If PhotoSpring asks you to login, then go ahead and login to finish the installation. Click here for install instructions.   

Once you have finished the install you can open Mac Photos and share photos. Please look at the section 1. Send photos/videos from Mac Photos to PhotoSpring above for instructions.

If you are not asked to login, then right click the PhotoSpring icon in the upper tray to bring up a menu. 


Click on the Logout menu item to log yourself out. This will bring up a log in dialogue. Please log back in.

After logging in again, the PhotoSpring app will disappear back into the System Tray at the top of the screen. 

You can now open Mac Photos and share photos. Please look at the section 1. Send photos/videos from Mac Photos to PhotoSpring above for instructions.



When you can expect photos and videos uploaded to arrive on the frame

The first photos you've sent should start arriving on the frame in 1-5 minutes. We process photos in the Cloud before making them available to the frame for download. Photo processing includes downscaling to our frame resolution, converting to JPG if necessary and making sure no duplicates arrive on the frame.

Videos can take 3-10 minutes to arrive. We process videos in the Cloud before making them available to the frame for download. Video processing includes downscaling to our frame resolution, converting to MP4, if necessary, and downscaling the frame rate if necessary.

In some cases, during heavy loads it can take some time for photos or videos to arrive on the frame.

If you are in slideshow mode, new photos will arrive and be displayed automatically. If however you are browsing photos in the Playlist you will see a message like this:




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