Automatically send photos from Mac Photos to PhotoSpring

PhotoSpring has a Mac App you can download from the Mac App store:

The Mac app allows you to push photos from a folder to a frame or photos from your entire Mac Photos library to the frame. It does not allow you to push specific photos to the frame. For information sending specific photos to the frame - see this help article.

After installing the App you sign in using the email and password you used to create a PhotoSpring account.

You'll then see a screen like the one below, where you can select a frame you'd like to send Photos to. Click Next.



The next screen lets you select the folders from which to upload your photos. It will automatically default to your Picture folder on your Mac. If you want to upload photos from a different folder, click the Change button.



Next, you have two options:

  1. Automatically upload all photos in the folder OR
  2. Automatically upload all photos in folders you specify

The 2nd option let's you choose one or more sub-folders to upload photos from. If you want to upload your photos from the Mac Photos app select option 2. You should see something like this:



Click on the selection boxes on the left to enable/disable downloads for that folder. The Mac Photos folder is called "Photos Library.photoslibrary" and contains all the photos you see in Mac Photos. Your screen should look like the screenshot below - with the "Photos Library.photoslibrary". You can check any other folder you want to upload photos from.



When finished click Done and on the next screen click Start Upload. The app will minimize into the Menu Tray in the upper right corner of your Mac. You can click on the PhotoSpring icon in the Menu Tray to check status or change settings.

Photos should start uploading to the Cloud within minutes. Photos may reach the frame after 5-10 minutes.








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