Step 6: For the Lazy Photo Frame Owner

Do you have more than 5000 photos?

Are your photos disorganized and mismanaged?

Do you not have time to figure out which photos to send to your frame?

If you answered yes to all of the above, then you would benefit from the Lazy Method of Photo Frame ownership.

Here's what you do:

1. Load ALL your photos onto the frame. Unless you have some secret photos you want to hide from your wife or girlfriend, this is the easiest way to load up your frame without thinking. Use one of the automated ways to load photos from your phone or PC described here. If you use the automatic method of loading photos, then you'll never have to worry about loading up photos again.

2. Set your playlist to This Week in History.  This playlist takes all of your photos and shows you just a weeks worth of photos from this year, last year, the year before etc..... Click here to set your playlist to This Week in History. Say you have 5000 photos. There are 52 weeks to a year. So each day you'll see a playlist of around 5000/52= 96 photos. 

3. In your Playlist you should now see This Week in History as the current playlist. In the upper left portion of  the screen you will see a set of photo filters. Tap the one labeled Auto: Screen_Shot_2017-08-13_at_3.31.53_PM.png

You will see that it reduced the number of photos shown (to roughly half for most people). These are what your frame thinks are the good photos.

4. Set your frame up on a sleep schedule.

That's it. Now just leave your frame alone and it will show you photos you haven't seen from the past, as well as ones you recently took.

Have fun.



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