PhotoSpring for Windows Download and Installation Instructions

This article describes how you can have PhotoSpring automatically upload photos from your Windows PC from a specific directory.

Step 1: Figure out what photos you want to send.

PhotoSpring can be set up to automatically send all photos in a folder to the frame.  If your photo folder has sub-folders, PhotoSpring can be set up to upload photos from the sub-folders too the frame as well. So as a first step, determine

  • What folder you would like to send photos from, or
  • Create a folder you would like photos sent from and copy your photos to this folder 

Step 2: Download the PhotoSpring Windows App

Click the button below to download PhotoSpring for Windows:



Alternatively, you can:

  • From your desktop go to and log in. 
  • Click on Manage Frames
  • Click on Your Frames
  • Click on the frame you want to send photos to
  • Click on the download badge for Windows to begin downloading the EXE.


Note: When downloading happens you may see an Antivirus security prompt. Please report this to us via email at  We will need to contact your Antivirus vendor to have our application whitelisted so please give us the name of your Antivirus software handy.

You may see a prompt at the bottom of your browser asking you where you would like to save the file.


Select Save As and save it into your Downloads folder


Step 3: Open the file you just saved

Your browser may then give you an option to Run the file or Open the folder. You can choose to Run it.


If your browser doesn't do this for you, then you may need to find the file. To do so, please open up Windows Explorer and look for PhotoSpringInstaller in the Download folder. Double click on the file to begin installation. This will open up a program that will install PhotoSpring. Follow the prompts to continue the installation process.

Note: you may see a warning like this. If you see this please click on More Info to continue running the installer.


At some point Windows will ask you if you want to allow PhotoSpring to install on your computer. Please click on Yes to continue.


When installation is complete:

  • You will see a PhotoSpring icon on your desktop. When you want to open PhotoSpring in the future you can double click on this icon. This may open up minimized in the lower right tray. Read further for detail.
    • desktop_incon.PNG
  • For now, launch the PhotoSpring app from the installation program by clicking on the Finish button as seen below:
    • Finish.PNG

Step 3: Log into PhotoSpring for Windows

When the PhotoSpring app launches click Next on the screen that appears:


Sign in using the email and password you used to create a PhotoSpring account.



Step 4: Select a Frame

Select a frame you'd like to send Photos by clicking on the icon next to the name of the frame. Then click Next.



Step 5: Select the folder containing your photos Windows

The next screen lets you select the folders from which to upload your photos. It will automatically default to your Picture folder on your PC. If you want to upload photos from a different folder, click the Change button.



Next, you have two options:

  1. Automatically upload all photos in the folder OR
  2. Automatically upload all photos in folders you specify

The 2nd option is recommended. It let's you choose one or more sub-folders to upload photos from. You should see something like the screenshot below. Note: this example is from a directory structure for a PC at PhotoSpring headquarters. Your own folder structure will look different.



You can check any other folder you want to upload photos from. Simply click on the selection boxes on the left to enable/disable uploads for that folder.



Step 6: Start Uploading

When finished click the Start Uploading/Done button and on the next screen click Start Uploading.


The app will minimize into the Menu Tray in the lower right corner of your PC. You can see it by clicking on the up arrow.



You're done. Now all the photos in the folders you marked for upload will be uploaded to your chosen frame. Further, any photos you drop into this folder will also be picked up and sent to the frame.

Note: Videos must be uploaded manually.

To Access the App Later

From the bottom tray you can:

  • Right click the PhotoSpring icon to access its menu and see its status
    • RightClick.PNG
  • Left click the PhotoSpring icon to open the app to modify your settings
  • You can click on the PhotoSpring icon in the Menu Tray to check status or change settings.


Photos should start uploading to the Cloud within minutes. Photos may reach the frame after 5-10 minutes.





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