Setting up Google Photos for your computer using Google Drive

Note: By the end of 2017 we expect to have integration directly with Google Photos. This will allow you to synch/manage your Google Photos into PhotoSpring. Until this, please use this workaround.

If you use Google Photos store your photos, you can synch your photos onto your computer and let the PhotoSpring App for your computer take it from there.

We assume:

Step 1: Install Google Backup and Sync.  

If you have Google Drive, please know it will be phased out in favor of Google Backup and Sync.

Click here to get Google Backup and Synch 


Step 2 (Optional) : Make Sure Google Photos is Set to Sync with Google Backup 

On your computer, click here to go to the Google Photos Settings page.

Make sure that the "Show Google Drive photos & videos in your Photos library" setting is enabled. When enabled it will look like this:


Step 3: Enable Google Photos to be stored on Google Drive

Go to

Log in and click on the gear icon in the upper right corner of the page:


This will open up a Menu where you will see Settings. Click on Settings:



Next, Enable Create a Google Photos folder:



Step 4: Open up preferences for Google Backup and Sync 

On your computer, open up the Preferences for Google Backup and Sync. To do so you will be looking for a small icon on your screen that looks either like this Screen_Shot_2017-10-20_at_9.44.46_AM.png or this Screen_Shot_2017-10-20_at_9.45.06_AM.png.

On the Mac:

Access Google Backup and Sync from the top tray of your Mac near the top right of your screen.






On Windows:

Access Google Backup and Sync from the bottom tray of your PC near the bottom right of your screen.




















You should be able to find the icon on the lower right of your PC where the red arrow is pointing:Screen_Shot_2017-10-20_at_9.56.49_AM.png


If you have multiple applications in the tray then you will have to click the ^ symbol first as show below:



Step 5: In the Google Backup and Sync Preferences Screen 

Enable the Google Photos folder to be backed up onto your computer.

  • A: Click Google drive on the left side
  • B: Check the Google Photos folder and enable all the subfolders you want to download from Google Photos to your computer. 



Step 6: Note the Google Drive folder location and locate it on your computer

The location of Google Drive on your computer will be displayed in the location of the red box below.



Go to your file system manager (Finder on Mac, or Explorer on Windows) and locate the Google Drive folder. Inside you should see all the folders you are synching with Google Drive. The Google Photos folder should appear there.

Step 7: Use the PhotoSpring App for Mac or PC to synch the Google Photos folder with PhotoSpring

Important: Wait for Google to completely synch all the photos from Google Photos. This might take a while.

  • If you haven't done so - download the PhotoSpring desktop app for Mac or Windows. Click here for Mac. Click here for Windows.
  • When the desktop app asks you which folder directory you want to synch photos from, select the folder(s) within Google Photos you synched in Step 4 and 5 above.
  • Any photos added to the folders you synch will be automatically pushed to the frame




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