Powering up PhotoSpring

To power up PhotoSpring some amount of battery must remain, even if using AC power. If you try to power up without any battery, the frame will not start up. Or it will start up and quickly turn off. So please try to get to at least one bar before trying to turn it on.


Powering Up on AC Power

In earlier models, plugging in power was enough to turn the frame on.

In newer models, you have to press the power button to turn the unit on. See Powering Up on Battery Power below - the power up process is the same.


Powering Up on Battery Power

To power up, press the power button for 3-5 seconds. The screen will show the PhotoSpring logo and power up. If you see a battery icon while doing this, let go of the power button and press it again (3-5 seconds).


Doing a Hard Power Up

In some cases, when powering up fails (often due to a low battery charge) you can perform a Hard Power Up.  This should only be done with a proper charge in the battery.

To do a Hard Power Up - press and hold the power button for 12 seconds and then let go.  If you see a charging icon while doing this, please try it gain.




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