Using Voice Commands to Control the Frame

Note: The Voice Assistant feature described below is not available for all frames. It is an add on feature we are introducing in Model 5 frames but will try to load onto Model 3 frames and later.

Here are instructions on finding your model number

Update: Beta for voice assistant has ended and we have recently pulled the voice assistant out of our current build. We are working to improve it and will relaunch it in Nov-Dec 2018

PhotoSpring has partnered with SoundHound to provide you the ability to control your frame using just your voice. This service is currently in BETA and we are in the final process of refining it. Please email if you encounter any issues or would like to propose some enhancements.


To Enable Voice Assistant

During beta the voice assistant can be enabled from the Menu. From the slideshow, tap on the screen to reveal the menu button in the upper right hand corner of the screen. Tap the menu button and then tap the Voice Assistant menu item. This opens up the Voice Assistant setup screen. Toggle the switch to on and wait for the voice assistant to come on.


Enabling the Assistant

To enable the Voice Assistant tap to the Menu Button in the upper right hand corner to reveal the drop down menu.


Tap the Voice Assistant to enter the Voice settings screen. 



In the Voice Assistant settings screen, you will find a toggle switch for the Voice Assistant. Toggle the switch from Off to On.



This will turn the Voice Assistant on. It may take some time to go through all its checks to fully turn on.


Using the Assistant

To use the assistant you need to say the wake word followed by a command or question:

The wake word is "PhotoSpring". We may also add the wake word "OK Hound" in a future release.


"PhotoSpring, what is the weather like today?"

"PhotoSpring, what time is it?"

"PhotoSpring, show photos from [album name]"  

"PhotoSpring, what is my frame code?"

"PhotoSpring, set volume to [1-10]"

"PhotoSpring, set brightness to [1-10]"

"PhotoSpring, are you connected to the Internet"

"PhotoSpring, set volume to [1-10]"


Using the Assistant to Control the Frame

Here's a list of frame related actions you can control via voice command:

  • From the Slideshow Screen you can ask PhotoSpring to:
    • Pause/Resume the slideshow
    • Turn on/off auto photo formatting
    • Turn on/off auto play video
    • Go to next/previous item in the slideshow
    • Hide an item
  • From Any Screen you can ask PhotoSpring to
    • Go to the settings screen
    • View your albums
    • Display a specific album
    • Volume
      • Turn up/down the volume
      • Mute/Unmute the volume
      • Set volume to a level from 1-10
    • Brightness
      • Turn brightness up/down
      • Set brightness to a level from 1-10
    • Start/resume the slideshow
    • Test the Internet connection
    • Ask for help

Note: Voice commands are not available during video playback. 


General Assistant Commands

Here's a list of things you can ask the assistant which are unrelated to the frame:

  • Ask for weather
  • Ask for time (note this may not match the time you see on the frame as it gets this time from the network)
  • Ask a random trivia question
  • Basic arithmetic
  • Convert currency
  • Convert units
  • Listen to NPR


See it in action

Try the Weather


View Your Albums and Display an Album


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