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Is there a way to import a powerpoint into the frame?


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    Dan Smythe


    Yes. I think the best way to do this is to import the powerpoint as a video. This will preserve the order, timing and music. If you import it as a series of photos then the entire experience will change.

    Before we start keep in mind a few things about video on the frame:

    • There is a max uploaded video size of 1GB. This is a pretty big video using HD and SD video format. So it should be plenty.  It's also higher than what other frame vendors will take.
    • The frame's screen resolution is 1280x800 pixels. If you send a video in with higher resolution, we will convert it to 720p video format (1280x720). This saves space.  So if you are exporting a video destined for a PhotoSpring frame, export it as 720p.  Note that 720p is HD resolution and much higher than what other frame vendors will playback.
    • We can handle common video formats like MOV and MP4.  We cannot handle PPT format, so you have to convert it to MP4 using PowerPoint.

    To convert your PowerPoint presentation to MP4 follow these instructions from Microsoft.

    Then upload the video to PhotoSpring using our Web uploader.


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