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    Dan Smythe

    Thanks for the clarification.

    There are two ways to set up the frame

    • Cloud frame - all photos are in the cloud. The frame just grabs a copy of what is in the cloud.
    • Standard frame - all photos are sent directly to the frame

    The cloud frame's advantage is all photos are in the cloud. Adding/deleting photos, videos or albums are done through the cloud. Also if something should happen to the frame, there is always a copy in the cloud.  We use Google Photos as our cloud source.  The disadvantage of a cloud frame is that you will need to create a Google account to do this and photos are downloaded en masse so you can't really control as finely when a photo will arrive. Here's how you set up as a cloud frame with Google Photos.

    The standard frames advantage is that it gives the frame owner more control. Send specific photos or videos to the frame and they will arrive within a minute usually (longer for longer videos). You can send photos using a web browser, email, or smartphone app.

    Whatever method you choose, we've found that the success of the gift is dependent on the recipient receiving a steady stream of photos to the frame. Start by loading the frame with photos prior to gifting. Then send a new photo to the frame every few days to give them something to look forward to.

    We make sending photos long term easier with our Web uploader.  Here's how you can send photos/videos on a schedule up to 2 months in advance.



  • Dan Smythe

    Can you define what you mean by special?

    Do you want to make the most impactful gift?

    Can the recipient use an iPad? Or is the iPad too complicated?

  • cybermetric

    I want them to like the gift. I plan to scan old photos from the 70s and 80s and upload to the frame.

    The recipient can't really use an iPad. That's the problem. Figure this is better and more user friendly.


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