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I changed my email. How do I delete the email on my account?


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    Dan Smythe

    Unfortunately, because of the way our accounts work we cannot simply change the email address.
    Each of our accounts is based on a unique email address. And each email address in the system must be verified through the confirmation process you previously went through. So the only way to get an account using the email you want is to sign up for a new account.
    So there are 3 things you need to do
    1. Sign up for an account at and use the email you want
    2. Add the frames you are currently connected to via their frame codes
    3. Log out of the PhotoSpring apps (if you use them) and log back in using your new account
    To delete the account with the old email address:
    A. Go to the Home Screen and tap on your profile to get the drop down menu

    B. Tap on Delete 

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