The frame won't turn on

If your PhotoSpring frame won't turn on there are a few possible issues that may cause this:

The device is not connected to power and has no battery charge left

This is actually the most common issue when a frame won't turn on.  To check if this is the case please:

  • Plug the AC adapter into a working power outlet
  • Then plug the AC Adapter cord into the frame

The AC power port on the frame is on the bottom edge of the device where the charging stand meets the frame. After plugging the AC adapter in the frame may come on or you may have to wait 30min to an hour to get the frame to charge up.

If the doesn't power on, then press the power button for 10-12 seconds to see if it will power on after charging. If it turns on then the battery just needed to charge up. Refer to this article here to troubleshoot charging issues.

The screen is broken

Sometimes the frame will power on but the screen will not.  If this is the case you may see

  • The back of the frame is warm to the touch
  • The screen is black, but if you look at it from an angle or in a dark room there is a slight glow.

In either case please contact us to get a replacement. 

The device is defective

If the device just doesn't power on after trying everything above, then please contact us to get a replacement frame.



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