Issues connecting to Wifi


Troubleshooting Checklist

Try the troubleshooting checklist below.

  1. Check that the wifi router is on.
  2. Try reconnecting to the wifi using other devices (computers, smartphones) using the the same SSID and Password. This is the most common issue people have - the password they think is correct may not be correct.
  3. Unplug the router. Then try connecting again.
  4. Reboot the frame and then try to reconnect. 
  5. Try connecting the frame to a different wifi network if possible. We have updated our Wifi module as of June 2018 which fixes some wifi related issues. 

Additionally, we have two known WiFi related issues:

  • WEP + HEX related bug. If your wifi password is 10 characters and consists of numbers and letters A-G, then you might have a HEX password. This may cause issues connecting to some routers.
  • In some cases the frame will not connect with some Technicolor and Hughes brand routers.


Issues with Wifi using WEP Security Configured with HEX Passwords 

We have been having issues connecting to some WiFi routers using WEP security and HEX passwords. In these cases, PhotoSpring will not connect to the wifi router but will give no indication why.

WEP security is an old security standard that has been replaced by WAP based security.

Solutions to this problem are:

  1. Change your router configuration
    1. Make sure your WiFi router is not using WEP security. We recommend 128bit WAP security. Please consult your router's instructions to learn how to do this.
    2. Avoid using HEX based passwords. Use ASCII instead. Most routers these days will default to ASCII, but some routers do not.
  2. Connect to another WiFi network and download the update
    1. PhotoSpring OS updates 1.2.88 or later  (June 8, 2017) fix the WEP issue. To see what version you have:
      1. Tap on the Menu button in the upper right corner of any screen except the Slideshow screen
      2. Tap Settings
      3. On the bottom of the Settings screen you should see a Software Version.
    2. For users who are performing initial setup
      1. Perform the initial setup while connected to a Wifi network that does not use WEP security. 
      2. The setup process will automatically download the latest version of PhotoSpring OS which should include a patch for this issue.
      3. Once the update is downloaded, continue with the setup process until it is completed.
      4. You can now try to connect with the WiFi router you were having issues with before. To connect:
        1. Tap on the WiFi icon in the lower right corner that appears in:
          1. Photo Info Screen
          2. Menu --> Settings screen 
        2. Select your wifi network and connect

If you still have issues please contact the help desk as


Issues with some Technicolor and Hughes Wifi Routers

At the moment we have seen issues connecting to Technicolor and Hughes Wifi Routers. There is no fix for this issue. The workaround is to use an old router or a wifi extender and use that as a bridge between PhotoSpring and the router. WiFi extenders can be purchased on Amazon for $20-$30 and have the added benefit of covering wifi dead spots in your home. Contact us for recommendations.

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