Adding a frame to an existing account

This guide assumes you have already created an account. If you haven't created an account, click here for a help guide on creating an account.


The following directions are for the Web client, but they also apply to the iPhone and Android clients as well - which have almost the exact same interface.

Step 1: Open PhotoSpring

Go to If you aren't already logged in, you will be asked to log in to your account. 

Step 2: Tap the Manage Frames button


Step 3: Tap the Your Frames button


Step 4: Tap the + button

Tap the + button to add a frame. It looks like this:


Step 5: Get the frame code from the frame

To get a frame's frame code, you can double tap the frame with two fingers. There is a short video demonstrating this on the Add Frame Code screen.

If you received an email invitation from the frame owner, the frame code will be in the email. It's a 6 character alpha numeric code.


Step 6: Enter the frame's code into the boxes.


Step 7: Accept the connection from the frame

The person with the frame will receive a message on screen asking them to accept your connection request. They must approve the request before your photos will begin to arrive.

They can also give you ownership privileges. Owners are allowed to invite other people to the frame as well as auto send photos to the frame. To give you Owner privileges the check box you see below must be checked. 


Important: If they approve your request as owner, then this frame will show up in Your Frames. Otherwise, this frame will show up in Friend's Frames


Step 8: You Are Done!

That's it. Now you can send photos to the frame.

Click here for an overview of the options you have to send photos to the frame.






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