Step 4: Sending Photos to the Frame

Before you sending photos please make sure you have the following completed first:

You must have a target frame

You need to have a frame where you intend to send pictures to. This frame must be setup, on and connected to the Internet. If you are the frame owner Setup Your Frame first.

You must have a PhotoSpring Account connected to a frame If you haven't created a PhotoSpring account, please Create a PhotoSpring account first. This ensures that the frame owner can identify anyone trying to send photos to the frame. Once you have an account, it must be connected to a frame. Ask the frame owner to Send an Invite to Connect to a Frame.

Optional: You should generally know what photos you want to send and where they are located This step often takes time. If you just want to test the frame out its best to select some of your favorite photos of people you love.


 You should also think about how you want to send photos to the frame.

  • If you prefer to pick and choose what photos to send to the frame, then you want to proceed with the manual methods of loading photos.
  • If you just want to get photos to the frame in the easiest/quickest way possible, then you want to proceed with the automated methods of loading photos.








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