Step 5: Advanced Frame Features

Now that you are familiar with the basic features of PhotoSpring and how to send photos, its time to learn some of the more advanced features PhotoSpring has to offer.

Auto Photo Formatting

Summary: Todays cameras come in a variety of aspect ratios. Displaying all these different aspect ratios may not look great on a photo frame. PhotoSpring tries to optimize the way a photo is displayed on screen by analyzing the photo and applying proprietary algorithms. Click here to get a basic understand of the Auto Photo Formatting feature.

Auto Play Video

Summary: This feature let's you automatically play videos within a slideshow as opposed to having to tap on the video to play it. By default, Auto Play Video is disabled. This prevents videos with noise to be played - which can be very annoying. Click here to learn the details behind playing video on the frame.

Select Multiple Items Screen

Summary: This feature let's you select multiple items in the playlist and perform actions on them. It's useful for deleting, hiding or favoriting multiple photos/videos at the same time. Click here to learn more about how to use the Select Multiple Items Screen.

Select/Switch Playlist

Summary: PhotoSpring creates multiple playlists of your photos and videos to help you organize them.  In later versions, you will also be allowed to organize your photos and videos into albums that you can create. To access these albums and playlists, go to the Select/Switch Playlist Screen. Click here learn more about the Select/Switch Playlist Screen.

Frame Settings

Summary: The frame settings screen allow you to change the settings of the frame and to perform admin functions. To learn more about frame settings, click here. One setting we want to highlight is the Sleep Schedule settings. The frame can be put to sleep on a schedule so that it doesn't need to run all day and night. Click here to learn more about sleep scheduling.


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