Android upload issues


Starting with Android 7, Google changed the way apps can behave in the background:

In an effort to save battery life and improve performance, apps can no longer run in the background. Instead they just schedule jobs that the OS then chooses to run in the background.

We rely heavily on doing work in the background - especially when send large number of files. We are using Google's recommended way to schedule jobs in the background but for some reason they are not being called. So with Android 7+ phones we see two issues:

- If the job scheduler delays our background tasks, then timing of photo uploads may be severely impacted.

- In some cases, these background tasks have been stuck for days

- Since the OS is in charge of background tasks, uploads may appear to be slow



We are currently working on fixing these issues.

However there are two workarounds:

Keep App in the Foreground

1. Send photos as you have been doing

2. After closing the popup that says your "Items are on the way" you will see the home screen of the app. Here you will see the Send Photos, and Manage Frame buttons.

3. Underneath the Manage Frame button you should see upload status indicators for each photo/video being sent. Please wait for all these messages to display before switching to other apps.

Change Battery Saver Settings

Note: this may impact your battery life -since it turns off battery optimizations.

Turning off battery optimization for the PhotoSpring app will allow it to run in the background. Android phones do not have a unifying way to do this. Here are the general instructions on turning off battery optimization for the PhotoSpring app. If this doesn't work for your phone please email us at and we can find out how to do it.




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