Creating a playlist without the album feature

PhotoSpring will implement a custom Album feature by Oct 2017.

In the meantime you can create a pseudo album by the following workaround:

  1. Mark photos you want in the album as favorites. You can do this from
    1. The Slideshow Screen: Tap the photo until a red heart appears.
    2. The Photo Info Screen: tap the heart symbol on the left side. A red heart means you marked it as a favorite.
    3. The Playlist Screen: Tap the heart corresponding to the photo you want to favorite. The heart is located in the lower right corner of each photo thumbnail.
    4. The Select Screen: Select on or more photos by tapping on each photo. A green checkmark will appear. Then tap on the Add Favorites button on the top. This will mark each photo you selected as a favorite photo.
  2. Once you have favorites then from the Playlist screen tap the Favorite filter in the upper left corner. The favorite filter is circle with a heart inside. When this filter is active you will see just the photos you have marked as favorites.
  3. Tap on any photo to begin slideshow.

We realize this is not the ideal process, but the photo frame will be updated with new features as time goes by. The Album feature will be one of the features we will be implementing in the Fall of 2017.



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