Frame Notifications


PhotoSpring will notify you of the status of the frame or when events that occur. Notifications occur using following methods:

On the Slideshow Screen

A dot will appear on the upper right portion of the screen while the slideshow is running. Tap on the screen to reveal the Menu button. Tap the Menu button to view the notification. See below.


Note: Notifications for the Slideshow Screen need to be enabled in the Slideshow Settings screen.

On the Menu Button

A dot will appear on the Menu Button. The Menu button only tells you there is a notification. Tap the Menu button to see what the notification is.


On the Menu Button Drop Down

When you see a dot appear on the Menu Button you can tap the button to reveal the Menu drop down. Near the top of the drop down will appear the notification. The example below illustrates the notification that the frame is in Airplane Mode. 



Types of Notifications

PhotoSpring currently has the following notifications but we will be adding more:

  • Wifi Connection in a bad state
  • Network connection in a bad state
  • Airplane mode
  • New photos and videos have arrived (in progress)


Tags: network status, connection status, wifi indicator, new photos indicator, you have new photos



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