About Settings Screen

Use the Settings screen to get to the About Settings Screen.

The Settings screen can be accessed from the upper right corner of either the Photo Info Screen, or the Playlist Screen by tapping on the menu button Screen_Shot_2017-08-14_at_4.14.32_PM.png and selecting Settings from the Menu that appears. Screen_Shot_2017-08-16_at_11.34.01_AM.png


Once in the Settings Screen you will see a set of buttons at the top of the screen. See below:


Tap About to get to the About Settings Screen.



From the About Settings screen you can:

Screen_Shot_2017-08-16_at_11.54.54_AM.png Back Button: Tap to go back to the Slideshow screen.
Screen_Shot_2017-08-16_at_11.55.04_AM.png Settings Tabs: Tap to go to other settings screens.
Screen_Shot_2018-07-03_at_11.17.40_AM.png Frame Name: Tap to change the name of the frame.
Screen_Shot_2018-07-03_at_11.17.32_AM.png Owner Tap to change the owner name
Screen_Shot_2017-08-16_at_11.55.11_AM.png Capacity:View the current frame capacity as well as the number of photos and videos you have on the frame. This lets you know how much storage you've used and how much free space you have left.
Screen_Shot_2017-08-16_at_11.55.35_AM.png Software Versions: View the software versions for all components of the frame
Screen_Shot_2018-07-03_at_11.20.56_AM.png Model Number: The production batch number and model number of the frame.
Screen_Shot_2017-08-16_at_11.55.44_AM.png Serial Number: The serial number of the frame.
Screen_Shot_2017-08-16_at_11.56.00_AM.png Time: Tap to change the time/date
Screen_Shot_2017-08-16_at_11.56.05_AM.png Battery Level: View the current battery level. Four bars is 100%. A flashing set of bars means the device is charging.
Screen_Shot_2017-08-16_at_11.56.10_AM.png Wifi Level: View the current WiFi signal strength. Tap to change wifi settings.


Other screens:


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