Slideshow Screen

Slideshow Screen

The slideshow screen displays your photos and videos. It shows one item, and then after a set interval it goes to the next item.

Things you can do from this screen:

  • Tap - takes you to the Photo Info Screen
  • Swipe Left - takes you to the next item in the slideshow 
  • Swipe Right - takes you back to the previous item in the slideshow
  • Double Tap One Finger - pause/resumes the slideshow
  • Double Tap Two Fingers - reveals the frame code
  • Swipe Down Four Fingers
    • Hides the current item in the slideshow from view and displays the hidden item icon as confirmation: HIDDEN_Icon.png
    • The item is also moved to the Hidden Items playlist which you can find in the Switch/Select Playlist screen. 
  • Long Tap - favorites the current item in the slideshow and displays the heart icon as confirmation: Heart_Filled.png
  • Video Controls
    • While a video is playing tapping on the screen reveals video controls include forward, reverse, pause and volume




Other screens:


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