Menu Items on the Frame

The Main Menu can be accessed from the Photo Info Screen, and the Playlist Screen by tapping on the menu button: Screen_Shot_2017-08-14_at_4.14.32_PM.png

The Menu contains the following options (note these options may change and be updated periodically):






Settings menu item - tap to go to frame settings. 


Frame Code menu item - tap to reveal the frame code to connect accounts to the frame.

Connections menu item - tap to see everyone connected to the frame. Here you can delete account connections, and manage permissions.


WiFi menu item - tap to configure WiFi


Help menu item - tap to ask for support. You will receive an email response

Power - tap to reboot or power down the frame. Note: PhotoSpring is set turn on automatically when on AC power. Therefore to power down the frame it first unplug the AC adapter.



X - tap to exit the menu.





Other screens:


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