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Note: the Playlist screen has changed from what you see in the video above. Filters and Sort functions are now hidden behind buttons as described below.


This screen shows photos and videos that will be played in the Slideshow, and the order in which they will be played.


Things you can do from this screen:

Filter Button - Tap to open a menu to manage including/excluding photos and videos from the playlist. See article on Filter Menu for more details. Filters.png
Now Playing Indicator - Indicates which playlist is currently selected. Tap the Select Playlist button show below to switch to a different playlist. Screen_Shot_2017-08-13_at_3.32.10_PM.png
Select Playlist Button - Tap to enter the playlist selection screen. TAP_TO_SWITCH.png
Sort Button - Tap to open the Sorting Menu. Then select the sorting method. See article on Sorting for more details. Sort_Button.png
Menu Button - Tap to reveal the menu. See the Menu Items section. Screen_Shot_2017-08-13_at_3.10.13_PM.png

Item and Filter Count: Indicates the number of items to be shown in the slideshow, compared to the total number items in the playlist. Use the filtering buttons above to filter items so they are not shown in the playlist.


Select Button: Tap this button to go to the Select Items screen where you can bulk perform tasks on photos and videos.


Item Favorite Indicator: Indicates the item is marked/not marked as favorite. Tap to toggle the item as a favorite/not favorite.


Photo Auto Indicator: Indicates that the photo was chosen by PhotoSpring as a good photo to show. Tap to toggle the photo as an active/inactive auto. Photos marked as active auto can be filtered using the Auto filter button. Photos marked as inactive auto will not be subject to the Auto filter button.
If a photo doesn't have a lightning bolt icon, it means it was not chosen as a good photo to show.


Current Item: The current item in the Slideshow is shown in a BOLD outline. If there is no activity on this screen for several minutes, the slideshow will automatically continue starting with the current item.


Video Indicator: If you see a thumbnail with a triangle as seen to the left, it indicates the item is a video.


Enter Slideshow: Tap on any photo or video to start Slideshow playback.



Other screens:


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