Photo Info Screen

Photo Info Screen Tutorial Video

Watch the brief tutorial video which starts at the Slideshow mode and takes you through the Photo Info Screen:


Photo Info Screen Overview



This screen shows photos and videos with corresponding information. It also has various functions associated with managing photos and the slideshow.

Things you can do from this screen:

  • Tap the Photo - takes you to the Slideshow Screen
  • Swipe Left - takes you to the next item in the slideshow 
  • Swipe Right - takes you back to the previous item in the slideshow
  • Double Tap One Finger - pause/resume the slideshow
  • Double Tap Two Fingers - reveals the frame code
  • Swipe Down Four Fingers
    • Hides the current item in the slideshow from view and displays the hidden item icon as confirmation: HIDDEN_Icon.png
    • The item is also moved to the Hidden Items playlist which you can find in the Switch/Select Playlist screen. 


Left Side Controls


Playlist Button: Tap to go to the Playlist Screen




Auto Button: PhotoSpring can analyze your photos and decide those which are most suitable for viewing. Photos marked with an Auto symbol have been determined by the device to be good for viewing. Tap to exclude/include the photo from the list of photos marked as good for viewing.




Favorite Button: Tap to add/remove as a favorite




Hide Button: Tap to hide item from view, and move the item to the Hidden Items Playlist. The Hidden Items Playlist can be accessed from the Switch/Select Playlist screen.




Edit Button: Tap to rotate, pan and zoom the current photo. This affects how its displayed in the Slideshow. This feature is planned but not implemented.




Add To Button: adds the photo to a new or existing Album.  This feature is planned for release in Sept 2017.




Edit Photo Info: Tap on the name, location or date of the photo in the lower right corner to edit this information 



Right Side Controls



Menu Button - Tap to reveal the menu. See the Menu Items section.




Slideshow Button - toggle to pause/resume the slideshow




Delete - deletes the item from the device




Time Indicator - Displays the time. tap on the time in the lower right corner to set the time/date 




Battery Indicator - Displays the battery level and whether the device is plugged in.




Wifi - Displays the wifi connection status. Tap the wifi symbol to manage the wifi connection.





Other screens:


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